LOCK-DOWN….. Is the first thing that comes to the mind when we think of Covid-19. A lock down of this order has never been experienced by most of us. Images of patients suffering around the world, images of citizens succumbing to the dreaded virus bring tears to the eyes and anxieties in our heart. How near are we to the virus? Is it just round the corner? 

Life is a different routine for all of us since the lockdown. Professionals/office goers working from home shuffled uncomfortably at the home desk, logging in and out of their computers  at odd hours, starting to realise that work is more at home than office! Very soon the realization was dawn that this was here to stay, not for a day or two, but could possibly take a couple of months of this new adjustment. Domestic help was out of reach, each household trying to maintain a degree of sanitization, especially when the televisions, whatsapp messages, news readers, health professions shouting for ‘cleanliness’ from the rooftops, this too was a challenge for most of the families. Children were the happiest as no news would be better than a ‘promotion to the next class’, that too without giving exams! The summer holidays were almost extended indefinitely – June seemed nowhere near. The only irony of the situation was it was a ‘lockdown’ – the usual playgrounds had to be abandoned; staying at home was compulsory and definitely boring.

With so much of botheration, how has the human race reacted to this black era of the century? Was it so bad all the way?

After the initial emotions settled, most of the world started adjusting to the new normal. The entire family took turns to clean and mop, displaying love and support in these trial times. The families in the metropolitan cities seldom interacted with each other due to time constraint, started conversing and associating. Parents always felt guilty of not attending to their children, now spent time with them, narrating stories and playing games. The bond between the families definitely strengthened.

So, time at hand was a blessing, as most of the world ran around the clock, barely finding time for itself. Many took this opportunity to learn the various skills, while the experts honed their skills. Drawing boards, colour paints and brushes were pulled out from the cupboards, musical instruments were serviced, dancing and exercise videos were downloaded, new courses were enrolled for, many short videos were shot and some individuals took time to serve the needy. Much of the art was displayed on the social media, friends applauding, and gratification was to the maximum. People were surprised at their own ability for their forgotten art, which gave them the newly found happiness. The happiness which most of us searched outside (in malls, on shopping sites or in hotels) was now available within- the right place. This led to boost up in the self -confidence and self –image.

The nature, too, enjoyed the solitude. The pollution levels were at their lowest, the air quality was the best, and the water was the purest. The animals too wandered on the empty roads, as if it were their own.

Many took to their phones and spoke with their friends and relatives. In these months of social distancing, most of the people in fact sought out for each other- fortifying their bonds.

With so many benefits of Covid-19, is it not a boon in disguise?