Energy Trading and Risk Management


In this course we will discuss the activities of the operation’s group in the ‘Natural Gas Trading’ environment. Since these topics cover a lot of ground, we will be diving the information into two parts.
Part – II will cover the the process from nomination to invoicing


  • The information to be submitted on a nomination
  • The different routing nominations that is: Path, Path-Non-Threaded and Non-Path, and,
  •  Nomination cycles.


  • The pipeline confirms receipt of the nomination sent by the shipper. In this section we will go over the confirmation process.


  • Once the pipeline has confirmed the nomination, the next step is scheduling the natural gas to flow in the pipeline. This step takes into considerations any constraints in the pipeline system. We will discuss the scheduling process for the different routing models, that is: Path, Path-Non-Threaded and Non-Path.


  • This is the final process in the transportation of natural gas. Here the pipelines inform the shipper of the actual quantity, that has flown in the pipeline. And finally we will talk about.


  • This is the last aspect that we will look at as a part of the pipeline operations. This refers to the payable’s and receivables that is either due to the shipper or due from the shipper. The pipeline, using the allocated quantity, will invoice for the payments and receipts.

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